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An Honest Chinese Leader

Wang Jianguo, a communist official in a township of Henan Province, led a group of thugs and local police to beat those villagers who refused to be evicted from their houses. He shouted to them:  "You want human rights? Go to America! Become an American citizen! This is China! "

A blogger named Dapeng, said: I have considered the consequences, and this was true, so I posted it."

This is not the first time that Chinese communist leaders have treated Chinese people in this way - they regard them as expendible items.


Chinese Embassy's 1999 Bombing In Yugoslavia PDF Print E-mail
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In March 1999, NATO forces were bombing Yugoslavia, and Milosevic requested Russia and China to allow 3 key Yugoslav intelligence sections to move to their embassies to continue working. Russia rejected the request,  but Jiang Zemin, the head of the Chinese communist regime,  agreed to the request.

By April, for safety reasons, envoys from most countries, including Russia, started leaving Yugoslavia, But the Chinese Embassy had not received any instructions from Beijing. So the Department of Foreign Affairs requested Beijing to grant withdrawal.

Jiang said, "in order to express support for Milosevic, we are not leaving for sure."

On 9th May, 1999, the United States fired multiple missiles hitting the Chinese Embassy. 3 warheads penetrated the basement leading to the deaths of 3 Chinese, a  journalist from Xinhua News, a journalist, Xu Xinhu, from Guangming Daily, who was also a Chinese intelligence officer, and Xu’s wife. 14 personnel from the Yugoslav intelligence service were killed while working in the basement. The electronic footprint emitted from the basement of the Chinese Embassy had lead to the discovery of the Yugoslav intelligence section.

A Chinese insider revealed that the Chinese Embassy was warned by the US before the attack, so all embassy personnel held an event outside of the building, but the two journalists and the wife of one of them, who happened to turn up at that time, went inside the Embassy to have a rest. Chinese Embassy officials could not explain to them about the situation, and decided to let them stay to face the attack.

Translated from original Chinese article on Renminbao.

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