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Viagra Vitalizes Communist Leaders?

Chinese bloggers have been stunned by this newly released photo: a box of viagra, a special supply for communist leaders and army senior commanders, distributed by the General Logistics Department of the People's Liberation Army. (PLA)

One blogger commented: "I am not surprised at all at this news and I expect that their 'special supplies' also include women to use."

Another blogger: "No wonder the communist leaders like to rape young girls."

What are communist leaders' special supplies?

Special food supply are internal stores which only senior communist leaders can attend to buy commodities. There are stores in major cities in China. These stores stock daily consumer items, food, grocery, wine, etc. They are as well supplied as a department store especially with food, meat, etc, which are organic.

Communist leaders have access to special food supplies because of the contamination and adulteration of many basic foods in China which the ordinary citizen has to contend with.

Fake US Army Set Up by Chinese in America PDF Print E-mail
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China Uncensored Staff   

Fake Chinese made Army in US. (FBI)A Chinese American Yupeng Deng, also known as David Deng, who lives in California, has set up a fake American Army Special Forces unit, with nearly 800 recruits, and himself as supreme commander.

Deng systematically set up an office with the US Army insignia on the carpet, fake army ID, certificates, with wrong spellings, similar color uniform and fake arms for exercise and training purposes.

Under the guise of helping them gain a green card, Deng’s ‘Army special forces unit’ required US $300 to $400 each for enrolment, and $120 per year renewal.

Most recruits are low income Chinese immigrants, and many of them believed they had joined the real US Army. They believed that they were entitle to army concessions and also wavers of fines if caught speeding. Some even went to the real US Army Department to pay the annual fee, which led to an investigation by the Army.

Deng’s ‘special forces unit’ has been very active in the local community, and has participated in many local parades and festivals. California Assembly member Mike Eng was pictured in what was believed to be the sixth anniversary celebration for one branch of the group. He appeared with his wife, US Representative Judy Chu and other dignitaries.

"If we are invited by a group to a celebration or festival, we do participate. We don't do a background check on everybody," Mick Eng said. "My heart goes out to the immigrants who, because of their limited English, became victims to these scams."

Deng had registered two business companies in California: All America Bail Bonds & Security Inc and Special Forces Reserve. At present, Deng is accused of 13 offenses, including one related to child pornography. Deng is now on bail of $500,000.

Office of Deng's Special Unit  (FBI)

Yupeng Deng migrated to the US 10 years ago, as a refugee fleeing religious persecution by the Chinese communist regime.

Fleeing China does not mean that the Chinese are free from the affects of communist brain washing. Having been forced to lie about their true thinking, to read fake history books, eat fake foods, wear fake brand clothes,etc in China, it is quite difficult for Chinese to adapt to a world that abides by the  law and honesty.

Some Chinese bloggers do not believe that this is just a criminal activity by Deng; many queried if Deng had any secret connection with the Chinese regime.

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