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The manager of a 4 star hotel in Switzerland, Brigitte Heller, successfully educated Chinese tourists on not wasting food.


(screenshot from Swiss media)

Modern Chinese people are not familiar with caring about society, the environment or moral responsibility. Wasting food in lavish banquettes by Communist leaders has been common for decades since communist rule in 1949. Wasting food by Chinese tourists is common and looked down upon wherever Chinese tourists venture. Seeing abundant food left on the table after a self-catering serviced meal, Brigitte Heller, the hotel manager decided to teach these Chinese tourists some moral concepts.

She put these photo with both Chinese and English writing on the dining table, and the result was excellent: the waste reduced significantly.

Confucius Institutes are Trojan Horse PDF Print E-mail
Global Stage

China's Communist Party has been offering Confucius Institutes to numerous communities around the world. These institutes are veritable "Trojan horses" from the Chinese Communist
Party (CCP). Wikipedia states that there were 210 worldwide and a current listing of 30 Institutes in United States universities as of January 2008 (1). Not all institutions accept these Institutes,
Stanford declined. Its purpose, according to the statement on the Confucius Institute's website is described as follows:

"Aimed at promoting friendly relationship with other countries and enhancing the
understanding of the Chinese language and culture among world Chinese learners as
well as providing good learning conditions for them, the National Office for Teaching
Chinese as a Foreign Language is to set up "Confucius Institute" in the world, whose
major activities includes Chinese teaching in countries that have the needs and

At first glance the Confucius Institute looks like a beneficial asset to our diverse communities. One must look beyond a false congenial surface to find the deeper and truer purpose.

(Page 36 -- screenshot)

First, let's be clear, we are talking about the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), aka Chinese regime, not China or the Chinese people. We have great respect and compassion for the Chinese people.

The goal of communism, which the CCP does not disguise, has been world conquest. Most people think of that as outright war, but the CCP is pursuing this goal very differently outside its own borders. Using methods the CCP is famous for, such as determining the pros and cons of a situation or in this case, the best "hooks" to dangle in front of others to achieve their goal WITH the target's cooperation, the Chinese Communist Party has decided to use what is called "soft power."

The CCP is aware that Chinese culture has intrigued people in the West for hundreds of years. So it offers what looks like a bridging of cultures that appears to be favorable to both our cultural
and financial interests--the "communist Trojan horse" emerges.

We are a group of U.S. citizens and former citizens of China or its communist neighbors. We are concerned that a Confucius Institute will be detrimental in many ways to our communities and
ultimately our country's way of life. This also extends to ongoing financing of various government and commercial research and development, and natural resource operations.
The following report covers areas of concerns, many of which overlap and demonstrate a consistent pattern of political abuse by the CCP in Western nations.

In documenting these issues, we have personally contacted several authors and organizations to quote them in this report. Clive Ansley, an international Canadian attorney with 40 years of
experience in China relations, put it succinctly in a personal communication to us:

"Confucius Institutes are insidious instruments of political penetration in all Western
democracies and have nothing to do with their proclaimed scholarly objectives."

His concern echoes ours, and has been proven correct too often in dealing across the board with the CCP in various situations. The CCP attempts to control anything that could cause loss of face

or expose the deception that hides behind its false smile.

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