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Mao's Car Breakdown in Tiananmen Square

A former Red guard revealed forbidden photos of Mao's car which had broken down before Mao and his cronies, Zhou Enlai and Lin Biao reached Tiananmen Square on 31st August, 1966, the day Mao set out to instruct thousands of young red guards at the start of the Cultural Revolution. The car was finally pushed to the side of the Square.

Former Premier Zhou Enlai held by a guard in the chaos. (screenshot)

Open Forum on the Harvesting of Organs from Prisoners of Conscience PDF Print E-mail
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China Uncensored Staff   

On November 4th 2010, an Open Forum was held at Balmain Town Hall in Sydney, Australia, to further expose the horrific organ trade in communist China.

The keynote speaker was David Matas,  a human rights lawyer who has championed many human rights causes throughout his career – he is a member of the Order of Canada, and author of eight books.

He and David Kilgour, a former Canadian MP and former Secretary of State to Asia, were nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize this year for their work related to their independant investigation of organ harvesting crimes against Falun Gong practitioners in China.

Both are recipients of the 2009 Human Rights Award from the International Society for Human Rights, also in recognition of their work to end the organ harvesting in China.

The two Davids have published two reports and co-authored a book, Bloody Harvest, which details evidence that tens of thousands of Falun Gong practitioners have been killed by the Chinese regime in the process of extracting their organs for lucrative transplant surgeries.

Since the publication of their reports, David Kilgour and David Matas have traveled to 44 countries to raise awareness of this genocide.

Mr Matas told the forum of his investigation into the harvesting of organs from living Falun Gong practitioners in China, and the conclusion of himself and his co-author David Kilgour, that this evil trade was, and is, occurring in China today.

Mr David Matas speaking at the Forum.( China Uncensored)

Demonizing Falun Gong

Mr Matas said that the Chinese government had made no attempt to refute the allegations, other than hate-filled propaganda aimed at demonizing Falun Gong practitioners. These false slanderous allegations, depersonalize and dehumanize practitioners which makes possible the violation of their basic human rights.

He said that the fact that the Government of China would make a hate-filled attack on Falun Gong, the focus of its response to the investigation, reinforces the analysis of the report.

Mr Matas detailed many incidences of Chinese government interference with his, and David Kilgour's, talks around the world on this issue, including pressurizing governments to have events canceled, death threats to himself and David Kilgour, and utilizing Chinese students in other countries such as Australia and the United States to disrupt forums and events.

He also talked about the many governments that pay 'lip-service' to human rights, but when pressured by China, decide to turn a blind eye to these atrocities in order to benefit economically.

Mr Matas concluded that: "Crimes against humanity are crimes against us all because of the humanity we share."

Dr Yuan Hong

Dr Yuan worked as a heart surgeon for ten years at a medical university hospital in north eastern China until 1997, when he emigrated to Australia.

Although he left China before the July 1999 persecution of Falun Gong commenced, Dr Yuan had some very relevant experiences to relate.

For many years China had been accused by activists of harvesting organs from executed prisoners without the consent of the prisoner or his/her family.
China had vehemently denied these accusations and accused activists of being part of "anti-China forces".

When the allegations of killing Falun Gong practitioners for their organs surfaced and investigations proved a huge unexplained number of sources for organ transplants, the Chinese government suddenly admitted that it had been harvesting organs from executed prisoners for years.

Dr Yuan Hong (L) and Mr David Matas. (China Uncensored)

Dr Yuan said: "In China, there is no organ donation resource. According to thousands of years of traditional beliefs, people respect the integrity of body and soul and would want to have the whole body buried in peace after death"

He described the procedure in his hospital for organ transplants: "the hospital will check through the local public security bureau, law courts, the supreme courts, etc. when they find matching type organs, our hospital will prepare for organ transplantation.
Of course, the operation will be arranged on the same day as the execution day. Our hospital would arrange 3 people to harvest the organ, a surgeon, an anesthetist and a nurse. But they all wore army uniforms, so that they could mix with the execution team. So, if we saw doctors dressed in army uniforms, we knew that there would be an organ transplant operation today.

Prisoners alive when organs taken

I heard from some colleagues that the person to be executed usually was not dead after being shot, because the less time that the organ lacked blood flow, the higher the success rate of the operation. That is only what I heard.

But one day, I saw an anesthetist dressed in army uniform, carrying a stoma in his hand when leaving with his ‘team’. We insert a stoma into a patient’s trachea to help the patient breathe when the patient cannot breathe for him/her self. I then realized that the prisoner was not dead at that time, otherwise they would not need to use a stoma.
So I am certain that when the prisoner lost consciousness after being shot, and was not able to breathe on his own, but his heart was still beating, the doctor would insert the stoma into his trachea to help him breath. The person would finally die after his organ was removed!
This evil procedure is organized, government controlled, by the public security bureau, law courts, the Supreme Procuratorate and hospitals."

Dr Yuan also explained that since the genocide of Falun Gong started, hospitals had been openly advertising organs from Falun Gong practitioners because people knew that practitioners led healthy lives and that their organs would be healthy.

At the end of the talks, the forum participants were able to ask questions of the speakers and to enquire about ways in which they could help to raise awareness of the genocide with a view to exposing and hastening the end of these crimes against humanity.

The following day, November 5th, Mr Matas delivered a paper to the International Conference on Human Rights Education, at the University of Western Sydney.


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