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(screenshot from website of Chinese Embassy.)

Chinese bloggers are collecting Chinese school bus photos hoping to pass on these photos to the Macedonian Government and their students, to let them see the buses that they have to travel in.

Collected scene of Chinese school buses in this clip:

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Article - Real China

Gu Kailai got $1 Million per Slaughter

Dr Gunter von Hagens, the inventor of plastination - a process whereby human cadavers are filled with plastics and sold for big profits - was Sui Hongjin's teacher in Germany and later Sui's boss in the von Hagens Plastination factory in Dalian. On Dec. 29, 2001, von Hagen received an encrypted email from Sui saying, "This morning, two fresh, top quality corpses arrived at the factory; the livers were removed only a few hours ago."


In a phone conversation conducted in 2012 an official of the "610 Office" - the main body in the persecution of Falun Gong - surnamed Zhao said, "Gu Kailai [wife of disgraced official Bo Xilai] traded cadavers and they are not just from Falun Gong practitioners."  The transcript of that conversation follows:

Investigator: Hello, is this the 610?

Mr. Zhao, 610 Office: ah?

Investigator: is this the 610 office?

Mr. Zhao, 610 Office: yes.

Investigator: Do you know. . .

Mr. Zhao, 610 Office: Who are you?

Investigator: Do you know that you guys are a criminal group?

Mr. Zhao, 610 Office: I am (610 Office). Who are you?

Investigator: Once the persecution ends, have you ever thought about what will happen to you? See what had happened to Gu Kailai [the wife of Bo Xilai], on the surface, she...

Mr. Zhao, 610 Office: Gu Kailai was selling organs of Falun Gong.

Investigator: What did you say?

Mr. Zhao, 610 Office: I said, you were talking about Gu Kailai, the one who sold organs of Falun Gong people.

Investigator: Yes, she had two human cadaver plastination factories in Dalian. She sold plastinated full-body cadavers for one million U.S. dollars each; the cadavers without internal organs were sold for $800,000 USD.

Mr. Zhao, 610 Office: Oh,

Investigator: she is a devil.

Mr. Zhao, 610 Office: what she sold were not all from Falun Gong,

Investigator: you know they were not just from Falun Gong, right?

Mr. Zhao, 610 Office: ah, ah

Investigator: some were Tibetans and Mongolians went to appeal.

Mr. Zhao, 610 Office: forget it. (Hung up the phone.)


As Bo Xilai was governor of Lianong province and his wife was a lawyer with a law practice, it was easy for them to create the best circumstances to make a success of this macabre business. The interesting thing in this transcript is that the "610 Office" - with the "mission" to eradicate Falun Gong - certainly was involved in this affair in the beginning, but now that the claim is being made by investigators that most of the cadavers must have come from Falun Gong practitioners, the "610 Office" wants to distance itself from the whole affair and uses the already convicted Gu Kailai as a scapegoat.


The World Organisaton to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong (WOIPFG) did a report on the affair including the source of the cadavers. The following extract from that report gives the background developments that took place while Bo Xilai was governor of Lianong province and is indicative that the most likely source of human cadavers is to come mainly from executed Falun Gong practitioners, but also from some Tibetans and Mongolians as mentioned in the above transcript. The extract below indicates that the plastination factories were located in the best strategic position among the prisons and labor camps where thousands of Falun Gong practitioners were held.


In July 1999, soon after Jiang Zemin faction started the persecution of Falun Gong, large number of Falun Gong practitioners were arrested. Prisons around China were quickly over-filled with Falun Gong practitioners. In 2001, the State Council issued "Meeting Minutes on Solving Prison Issues" (State Council [2001] number 73) [18 – notes number on website of WOIPFG]. In 2002, the CCP started modifying over 700 prisons. (Note: Data on CCP's construction and expansion of labor camps is not publicly available.) Then Minister of Justice, Zhang Fusen said prisons located in remote areas will be moved to areas closer to city centers and transportation hubs [19].


Liaoning Province displayed the quickest and biggest action. Bo Xilai was the governor of Liaoning at the time. He personally chaired meetings to discussed plans to upgrade prisons in the province. The plans were then reported to the State Council. The Ministry of Justice clearly indicated that the plans from Liaoning Province should be included in the list of projects of national importance [20]. Eleven months later, in July 2003, a 400,000 square meter Shenyang Prison Compound opened. The 1 billion yuan project was sponsored by the CCP Central and the local government, and claims to be able to hold over 10,000 prisoners [21].


Sui Hongjin [22] and his German boss Gunther von Hagens' body factory was located in Gan Jingzi District of Dalian City [23], which is about 150 kilometers from the Shenyang Prison Compound. The Falun Gong practitioners at Masanjia Labor Camp and those from the northeast 3 provinces, and Beijing area were transferred to the newly built Dabei Prison in the Shenyang Prison Compound [24]. In addition, there were Liaoning No. 1 Prison, Liaoning No. 2 Prison, Xinren Prison and Liaoning Female Prison in the Prison Compound [25]. It is estimated about 2,000 Falun Gong practitioners were held there.


On Feb. 23, 2004, as part of the plan to upgrade prisons in Liaoning Province, Nan Guangling Prison in Dalian City was given 180 million yuan for expansion [26], and will be combined with Dalian Prison [27]. Nan Guangling Prison is located in the same district as the Hagen's body factory. Three months later, after spending 227 million yuan, Dalian Labor Camp was expanded to 236,700 square meters [28]. Both Nan Guanling Prison and Dalian Labor Camp are notorious for the severe persecution of Falun Gong practitioners [29]. On March 19, 2001, just prior to the International Human Rights Conference, over 400 Falun Gong practitioners illegally detained in Dalian Labor Camp were subject to brutal tortures for three days and three nights [30]. By 2004, according to incomplete statistics, at least 14 Falun Gong practitioners were confirmed, with their real names, tortured to death.




Detailed report from WOIPFG

Disappeared: former Dalian TV presenter, Zhang Weijie, bottom right.

One other chilling rumour is, a Dalian TV presenter, Zhang Weijie, was one of the woman Bo Xilai slept with, Zhang Weijie was pregnant by Bo Xilai, but Gukailai ordered Ms Zhang to get an abortion, MS Zhang refused, and Ms Zhang soon disappeared. Some Chinese bloggers was passing this message anonymously; this plastinated body with baby in her was the body of Zhang Weijie and her unborn child. The order of kill was said to come from Gu Kailai.

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