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Sink Hole 2012

In recent years, sink holes in China have occured more often in many places, but in HeilongJiang province, north of China, many of the sink holes have already "swallowed" human lives. People in HeilongJiang province have posted photos of recent sink holes:

There have been over 2 dozen sink hole sin Heilongjiang province alone this year, and there were 8 sink holes in just one week in August!

Bloggers wonder if it has something related to the year 2012?


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*** News: *The Taiwan Crisis (aka Taiwan Disaster) --English copy; New AU$25 plus postage. 4 available; 1 used Au$15 plus postage. ***

A new book has sent shockwaves through not only the Chinese regime and the Taiwanese people, but also the security agencies of China, America and Taiwan.

The book, The Great Disaster of Taiwan written by renowned author and law professor, Yuan Hongbing will be published in Taiwan and has already caused a political tsunami in the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The publisher of the book is Taiwan News, Taiwan's largest and oldest English-language newspaper.

Professor Yuan has previously published Freedom at Sunset, The Golden Holy Mountain and Return to Desolation all of which were banned by the Chinese government.

Professor Yuan commented that The Great Disaster of Taiwan is a blazing real-life exposure:“This book exposes the overall strategies of the CCP in preparing to control Taiwan before 2012 in politics, military matters, economy and culture, and reveals the infiltration of the Kuomintang and all levels of Taiwan society by the CCP. Furthermore, the book also reveals beneficial deals between America and China on issues regarding Taiwan and also discloses the cooperation between the Chinese secret police and American secret agents  to collect  evidence of the former Taiwan president Chen Shuibian's involvement in money laundering.”

At the book launch, Professor Yuan revealed that before the book was published,  CCP agents had already discovered the content of this book. On 28 Oct 2008, the Standing Committee of the CCP made a decision to investigate the internal leaks that lead to the publication of this book. The CCP also had printed 1000 copies of this book, to distribute to relevant departments so that strategies could be adjusted.

According to Professor Yuan, sources told him that an ex-envoy of the CCP, Chen Yunlin said after his reading: “our strategy for Taiwan was exposed by this book completely, what should we do next?” Chinese defense minister Liang Guanlie said: “this book is an information nuclear bomb. Just 140,000 words make such an impact!”

The website Fire of Liberty said that supporting materials for the book mainly came from high ranking Chinese Communist Party officials, or conscionable individuals in major departments who took great personal risks to reveal the information.

To protect these people of conscience and not expose their identities, the author undertook necessary steps in using these materials. At the same time, a portion of the secret information come from family members of high ranking Chinese Communist Party officials who have been disciplined and are extremely displeased with the CCP. These include family members of former CCP Chairman Yang Shankun, former General Secretary of the CCP Central Military Commission Yan Baibing, and former Vice Chairman of the CCP  Standing Committee, Chen Kejie…etc. Those dignitaries were executed or punished by the Chinese regime, because of political problems or economic matters. But the family members have already left China.

The book, reminds Taiwanese to safeguard freedom.

The first print run of 6000 copies has already sold out - the second printing of 100 thousand copies is already under way. The launch of the book was held on 22nd November 2009 at Taiwan University.

*The Taiwan Crisis (aka Taiwan Disaster) --English copy; New AU$25 plus postage. 4 available; 1 used Au$15 plus postage.



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